Having called around to a few companies,  I decided on Mass Maritime Marine for my boat survey needs. From our initial point of contact until the end, I was well received and respected. This is what I was looking for in a surveyor while I was making an important investment decision. They gave me recommendations and discussed the needs to understand USCG requirements, ABYC, and NFPA guidelines.  A most professional company.  My  1978 32ft Trojan was inspected out of the water and in the water on two separate occasions.  There were many delays! Most surveyors would have complained about the  inconvenience besides charging me an arm and a leg. Not MMM! They worked with me and did not charge me a cent more then what was quoted! They can be trusted.  The survey report was thorough and clearly written. Not your typical report  full of disclaimers and waivers like other survey reports that  I looked at.  My insurance company is Boat US .  I highly recommend this company to anyone who is interested in purchasing a boat. 

                                Bill Ranalli, Quincy, MA.   

Mass Maritime Marine served as our project manager(s) and marine surveyor(s) right after taking  delivery of the 71 ft Aluminum High Speed Craft with Jet Engines, the Damrell.  Their knowledge and professionalism about the workings of this new piece of equipment (state of the art fireboat) was exceptional. Their experience and abilities put us in a good position regarding the operating, understanding, and maintaining of this piece of apparatus. They would be of an asset to anyone when it comes to procuring , surveying, and getting a new build up and running. Understanding standards (ABYC, ABS, USCG) is important. Their record keeping and ability to stay on top of the program was most appreciated.   

                                 Peter Cakridas, Director of Transportation, Boston Fire Department


An avid boater for years, always jumping about in boat size and style, I recently acquired a 26 ft. Formula PC whereas I needed a survey for insurance.  So I called Mass Maritime Marine. They were more than able to help!  In no time, I had a nice, clean, and very professionally constructed report with all the details covered (ABYC, NFPA, and USCG).  My insurance company gladly accepted the report! Furthermore, since my boat was, “ready to go” MMM provided me with a USCG Courtesy Safety Exam Decal.  What a great experience,   unlike my experience with other surveyors in the past. If you need a survey, one that is done by professionals, call Mass Maritime Marine. 

                                  Charles Glass, Weymouth, MA.  


“It looks good and if I have a question down the road we’ll just shoot you an e-mail. But everything we needed is in your material. We wouldn’t have had this without MMM. Very impressive….. ”   

                                  Captain Steve Waldron, Boston Fire Department Marine Unit.

The above quote from Capt. Waldron expressing appreciation for the comprehensive training program that Mass Maritime Marine developed for the BFD Marine Unit and their new fireboat / vessel the Damrell.



Thank you!

                                   Roderick J. Fraser Jr., Commissioner, Boston Fire Department

 From the Commissioner after notification of completion of the training program, the delivering of a program, project manager services, and as marine surveyors for the Damrell.  

Dot Bailey, Easton Ma. 

Hi Angel

Here is my testimonial.  Sorry I was so late in getting it to you, I couldn’t find anywhere on the site to write this.

    I have been boating for over 40 years.  I have seen a lot of changes to the boating industry, and governmental laws and regulations in those years.  I never thought about boat surveys until our insurance company informed us that we needed one because our boat was over 10 years old. 
I wrote to three surveyors for pricing and appointment times.  Mr. Montanez  got back to me first, with a fair price and good timing.  I decided to go with him.

    He showed up on time, and went right to work.  He was very professional, but more important to me, he was friendly and explained just about everything he was doing.  I was overwhelmed with his attention to detail.  Although I thought I knew my boat pretty well since I have had it for over 13 years,  he showed me some things I would have never thought of.  I can’t remember exactly how long he was there, but it was over 5 hours.  He didn’t miss a thing.

     After the survey, he sent a report that I thought would be about 2 pages stating the condition and repairs needed.  Imagine my surprise at 26 pages detailing every single item he went over, including pictures.
    Two words for you, Mr. Montanez,  “I’m Impressed”.

    I thank you so much for your services.  If I ever need a surveyor again, I know who to call.  I will also tell all my friends with boats about you. 
Large or small, boat owners really do need someone like you helping them through the buying or selling process.

Dot Bailey,
Easton, MA


Thank you Angel, it will be a $250 well spent. We shall take care of your invoice.

We had serious doubts about this deal. That is the reason why we wanted a preliminary survey done prior to commit to any deal. There is a balance owed to the amount of $165,000 and apparently, the owner had $65,000 in the bank to clear the lien and was looking for an additional $100,000. I have attached a copy of the abstract of the documentation for your records (in case somebody else asks you about purchasing that boat).

Ed Bonamie @  north american luxury marine brokers  /  Ottawa, Canada

Another headache prevented by MMM on a 2000 Maxum 46 ft boat