Other Surveys

Mass Maritime Marine - Angel Montanez surveyingConsulting Services
For the prospective buyer who needs consulting services, we perform what is called a “walk thru” of the vessel (recommended before a complete survey is performed). No formal report would be provided. The report would be generic in nature. The objective opinion of surveyor regarding the vessels immediate appearance and condition stated. This is a “drive by” so to speak with or without the customer. Rate is by the distance and hour (call for details).

USCG Vessel Exams
Mass Maritime Marine is qualified to perform the following USCG vessel safety exams. Decals issued at the passing of such an exam if the vessel has and maintains all required equipment.


Hull Corrosion Analysis Est. $130.00 / hr
Hull Osmosis Analysis Est $11.00 / hr
Fiberglass Hull, Steel and Aluminum Hull Ultra-Sounding * Est $40.00 / hr
Planned Maintenance Program Est $60.00 / hr
Vibration Analysis, Dynamic Balancing, Laster Alignment, Infrared Thermography Call for Rate and Details
IT Services: Inspect and review your support systems, managing IT services & customize cloud computing solutions. Call for Rate and Details

* Note: Ultra-Sound readings will be every 2-3 square foot of bottom plating. Call for rate and details