Pre-Purchase Survey

Mass Maritime Marine - Angel Montanez - Pre purchase surveysDefinition: A pre-purchase survey is a comprehensive overall inspection of the vessel.

A pre purchase survey is not a complete investigation of every detail and of every system. No destructive testing takes place. The survey will not disassemble machinery, any interior, or cabinetry work, scrape and remove paint, or bore holes in the hull. At the customer’s request and the vessels owner written permission, we can conduct such testing. Additional charges apply.

Sea Trail

Your vessel should undergo an inspection of items reliant of the sea in an underway condition. A sea trail demonstrates to the prospective owner how items such as the handling characteristics of the vessel are. Also obtained will be information about the support systems. The engines, transmission, cooling system(s), steering, gauges, vibration check, instrument panel operation, oil leaks and water leaks, etc… will all be put to a test. During a trial, the vsl will be operated at various speeds. All observations will be included in a report.

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Chartering a vessel can be a lot of fun. Before doing so, a pre-inspection is very important. This type of survey can save you a lot of time and money when it comes time to turn the vsl back over to the owners. Such a survey / inspection is similar to when you rent a car. A visual inspection of the vessel is performed along with an inventory taken. We also inspect the vessel for safety gear and seaworthiness.

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The typical vessel survey concentrates on the below items as a whole.

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Arrangements in advance need to be made for the following:

Most sellers will not allow certain tests to be performed. We will recommend certain testing based on what we initially see.

Customers should know ahead of time if they will need any specialized services. During our preliminary discussion, we will discuss this subject in more detail. Any type of destructive testing will require the written permission of the owner/seller. Should the seller hire a qualified entity to assist with this testing, MMM will stand, observe, and review the results.  

For pre-purchase surveys on larger powerboats that have high performance engines, recommended is that an experienced mechanic who services these types of engines perform an engine inspection. We can arrange for this sort of an inspection.

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